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Orana Electrical understands that your home is one of the biggest assests of your life; and is your top priority. Angus Quirk and his team troubleshoot to locate electrical issues quickly and repair it, the first time. Orana Electrical handles all home electrical services from new installations to troubleshooting electrical faults and from minor light receptacle replacement to completely rewiring your entire electrical system. Sometimes installing new appliances such as ovens, dryers and cook tops require additional 240V circuits; Orana Electrical and the professional, certified and licensed team will install any electrical appliance and any additional circuitry needed.

The Orana Electrical team install all types of ceiling fans and lighting kits too, regardless of the height of your ceiling. And whether you choose to have your ceiling fan controlled by a switch or a remote control we are equipped for any situation. 

Circuit breakers and safety switches are the heart of your electrical system. If your circuit breakers are not functioning properly, you and your family may be in danger. Orana Electrical will perform all the necessary safety inspections and professionally upgrade your switchboard if necessary.

Orana Electrical will replace or relocate your powerpoints and centre your lighting fixture over your table. And while, powerpoint installation or relocation can sometimes cause other problems such as plasterboard damage. Be assured that Orana Electrical will leave minimal to no damage whenever possible
Have Orana Electrical install your electrical devices and save on additional hassle of repair work. Angus and his team will give you complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

Our Residential Electrical Services include:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Circuit Breaker  Upgrades, Repairs, & More
  • Installation Of Light Fixtures In Any Room Of Your Home
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Replacement & Installation Of Powerpoints
  • Washer & Dryer Wiring & Installation
  • Dishwasher Wiring & Installation
  • All Major Appliance Wiring & Installation
  • Security System Wiring & Installation
  • Spa Wiring & Installation, Both Indoors & Outdoors
  • Home Inspection Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Wiring
  • Electrical Grounding For Shocks
  • Wiring For New Rooms & Additions
  • Replace Bad Underground Wiring
  • Outdoor/Flood Lighting Replacement & Installation
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Meter Upgrades
  • TV & Entertainment Center Troubleshooting, Repair & Wiring
  • Surge Protection Repair, Installation & Wiring
  • Generator Repair, Installation & Wiring
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