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Why Macquarie Valley Solar?

With electricity prices sky rocketing in recent years, installing a solar energy or hot water system is a great way to save on your power bills and reduce your household's greenhouse gas emissions. Basically, you can save money and help the planet at the same time! At Macquarie Valley Solar, we can help you find the best solar energy solution for your home or business and tailor it to your individual needs.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are available for both residential and commercial power needs and come in both big and small models to meet your individual requirements.
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the rooftops of homes and businesses capture the sun’s energy to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. Light energy is converted directly into electricity by transferring sunlight photon energy into electrical energy. This conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals.

While it might be true that solar panels cannot generate electricity all the time, the secret is that they generate electricity when it is needed most – during the day and on hot sunny days when electricity demand is at its peak due to the hard work carried out by air conditioning units.

They key to solar power generation is that electricity is generated at the point of demand – right where you live and work. This cuts down on the need to transfer energy over long distances using expensive infrastructure.

Talk to us about developing a solution to cut down on your power bills and make the most of Dubbo’s unique location in a region ideally-suited to make the most of the free energy generated by the sun. We’ll cost a solution and then calculate the rebate you’re entitled to so that you save even more.

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