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Free Hot Water from the sun

Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment. At Macquarie Valley Solar we trust and install the Apricus brand - it’s Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water supplier. The Apricus system uses evacuated tube solar collectors to harness the sun’s energy, providing hot water, keeping environmental costs low, and keeping hot water bills to a minimum.

The Apricus evacuated tube solar technology is recognised as the most efficient choice for solar hot water systems, this is thanks to the round tube design that allows heat to be captured for more hours of the day and with better efficiency than photovoltaic-PV.

An Apricus solar hot water system is a high-quality, highly efficient way to generate hot water for your household or business. It’s features include:

15 Year Warranty

The Apricus solar hot water system carries industry-leading warranties, including:

  • 15-Year warranty on solar tubes and heat pipes
  • 15-Year warranty on manifold
  • 15-Year warranty on framework
  • 15-Year warranty on stainless tank
  • 10-Year warranty on glass-lined tank.

* Conditions apply see warranty policy here


The Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water systems are lightweight, durable, and robust in construction. Most systems weigh less than 100kg. That makes them easier for our staff to work with and gives us more options for where to mount them.

Frost protected

Apricus solar hot water systems have built-in frost protection – able to withstand Australia’s cold winter nights without damage. That makes them ideally suited to the cold conditions we can experience in Dubbo and surrounding districts.

Cyclone Rated Framework

The Apricus aluminium mounting frame was designed to meet cyclonic wind conditions. It is ideal for beachfront coastal regions or areas where corrosion is an issue. That’s not generally an issue in the Macquarie Valley, but it gives us peace of mind that this is a sturdy product.

After-Sales Service

Apricus’s service division includes licensed plumbers and industry professionals. They will offer support with advice, troubleshooting and product information. As an authorised reseller, we can provide hot water system maintenance, an Apricus warranty and full after-sales service.

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